“Hello sir. You gave me a retake.” 😡

February 13, 2022

“Hello sir. You gave me a retake.” One of my students sent me a message via WhatsApp complaining about his score.

This is a statement so old in my ears. I have heard it a lot from a few of my students and whenever it’s used, I feel it’s misused. I had to first think of a better response before replying the student. This is what I told him. “The truth is that you don’t deserve a retake. In fact, you deserved an 80% in my paper. However in this world we don’t get what we deserve. We get what we fight for.” He remained silent and never spoke to me again apart from “okay sir 🤣”

In reality, marks are not given. They are awarded according to what the student puts on paper. I keep on wondering why some students always think we just give them marks. Maybe it’s just lack of a better word. What do you think?