February 14, 2022

Congratulations that you have made it this far 🥂. It goes without saying that you have learnt a lot about Oracle database administration. The concepts you’ve mastered here laid a foundation for you to look at further areas of database administration. A few areas have not been looked yet crucial in database administration. These include performance management, managing undo data, configuring Oracle’s network environment, database maintenance, infrastructure enhancement and moving data.

Thank you for watching ❤️

These areas can be looked at using available resources on the web. For every area, I have tried to get you the resources you can look at to better understand the concepts. You can take a look at them below:

The above are the good resources I could find around the internet about the above areas. In case you find any other good resource, put it in the comment below and it will be included on the list. Otherwise thank you for being part of this course from here we started from to the end and I hope you have learnt a lot. You can browse for other courses on this website and you learn one thing or two. Till we meet again, good bye for now👋.