About Me 🧑

Hi, there! I am Mutebi Bashir, thank you for visiting my website. I am an Assistant Lecturer at Makerere University Business School in the Faculty of Computing & Informatics. Apart from my teaching work, I enjoy building stuff that live on the internet.

My greatest passion is sharing knowledge and listening to students’ stories. If you don’t find me teaching, organizing content for my students or recording a YouTube lecture, you’ll probably find me coding something, doing research work or just watching a documentary about emerging technologies (probably to learn a thing or two, for sure 😎). Uhm, have I said I also enjoy watching movies? Oops!

Currently, I am focused on improving education provision through building an AI tool that foster personalized learning. Most of the time, I lecture on courses like SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Oracle Database Administration, Data Analysis, WordPress, Computer Networks, and ICT Foundations.

In brief, I am just a teacher 👨‍🏫 and a coder 👨‍💻. Still interested in knowing much about me 🤔? Find my full resume here.

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