Mutebi Bashir

Hey there! I’m Mutebi Bashir—welcome to my corner of the internet. Thanks for stopping by. This website was born from a passion for sharing knowledge. It’s called “My Reference” because it’s my go-to place for what I teach. As I built this resource for myself, I realized it could benefit others too. You’ll find the courses I teach and my insights on tech and education. Dive in, explore, and let’s journey towards learning and growth together, the easy way.

My Courses


Simplify your journey into web development with our one-stop reference. This collection is packed with tons of amazing FREE resources, ensuring you’re equipped for a seamless start. From free fonts and stunning images to HTML/CSS references and testing tools, we’ve got it all covered. Your creative venture begins here, no strings attached.


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    Making learning easy, enjoyable and accessible has been my promise from day one and that is not changing soon. The short time has lived, it has helped many people...
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    Hi, there! Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you’ll find it beneficial. The genesis of this website was as a result of the author’s great desire to have...